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Review Online Feedback

Once the list of potential investment banking training options has been narrowed down, it is time to research the options to see what has been said about them by past participants. Several resources exist to provide the prospective training customer with reviews by which to decide what training options are worthwhile.

If you are interested in an investment banking or financial modeling course from a university business school, you may want to consult independent reviews of top business schools to determine which provides the best educational value for the price, and which offers better courses in areas in which you would like to specialize. Websites such as often provide helpful reviews of university business schools to help prospective students choose the most suitable option. Other financial industry websites sometimes provide reviews and comparisons of private training companies that offer investment banking classes online, in classrooms, or on-site. Although far from comprehensive, reading available reviews can be very helpful in identifying which training option is right for you, and can also help students weed out training options that do not deliver quality training. A word of caution. Beware of comments that disparage a particular course as the comment may have come from an unscrupulous competitor in the investment banking training industry.

It can also be helpful to read the customer testimonials provided by training companies themselves. While these testimonials are filtered by the training companies and will necessarily have a positive bias, reading them can give the prospective student an idea of what to expect from the training provided by that company. One can also, by careful reading, sometimes get an idea of negative qualities that may exist by what is not said in a customer testimonial. If none of the testimonials for a given training company mention coverage of particular financial models, for example, while the testimonials for other sites do mention this, it may be that the company does not provide very thorough coverage of those models. Company provided testimonials also allow the student to look at what large corporations have chosen to purchase training from that company, demonstrating a certain level of professionalism and reputability in the marketplace.

Reading through both positive and negative reviews can help the student to select the best investment banking books or software for their training needs. Is it important to keep in mind, when evaluating user feedback about an investment banking course or investment banking training materials, that some negative reviews may be biased based due to external factors, or influenced by negative attitudes on the part of previous participants. You must judge carefully what has been said about a particular course or product, to be sure that a survey of available options is not skewed by factors that may not apply to you.

If you decide to pursue investment banking training from books or software, ratings and reviews can be found online from customers who have previously purchased the product. encourages customers to rate products they have bought and to provide comments, and can be an excellent source of information regarding investment banking training materials.

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