Financial Modeling Training

When it comes to financial modeling training, what you really want is a hands-on investment banking course that will walk you through the basics of Excel modeling and take you through lessons on how to build a merger models and leveraged buyout models (LBO). Because the investment banking and private equity industries is notorious for not providing adequate training for their investment professionals, this often means you need to take responsibility for your own training.

This becomes even more important in the job interview process, where you are expected to not only know about financial modeling but also be able to build a model from scratch on the fly. This is where a quality investment banking course can really make the difference in your career. The right training should challenge you and deepen your understanding of mergers and acquisitions and LBO’s. By providing a case study, a list of assumptions, and a base income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows, you should feel completely comfortable modeling the results of a proposed transaction.

The right financial modeling training course should cover these topics and more…

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • How to Build Merger Models
  • Advanced Merger Models
  • How to Build LBO Models
  • Valuation Models

Because of its comprehensive material and complete at your own pace approach, we recommend this financial modeling course