Selecting an Investment Banking Course

investment banking coursesChoosing an investment banking course is a decision whose factors must be carefully weighed, in order to maximize the benefit of the training to the career path and overall situation of the student. To ensure that the training pursued is applicable to the student’s career, within an appropriate budget, and of a format suitable to the material and to the learning style and life circumstances of the student, it is important to evaluate methodically any investment banking courses one may be interested in.

Before selecting a course, these steps should be followed to ensure that the training embarked upon is the best possible fit for the needs of the student:

  • Evaluate your personal situation
  • Set objectives for your training experience
  • Evaluating based on cost, quality and time commitment
  • Review feedback from others online
  • Select the best fit

Each of these steps will be explored in detail in order to illustrate the optimal strategy for selecting investment banking classes.

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Wendy December 16, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Great article on selecting a course. Thanks so much!
– Wendy

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