Specialized Financial Modeling Courses

For finance professionals seeking to improve their understanding of specific areas of investment banking, or looking for ways to boost their employment marketability or increase their chances for promotion, a specialized financial modeling course can be extremely useful. Training companies and other private institutions that focus on investment banking are good sources of advanced classes in the more specialized areas of financial modeling aimed at meeting the needs of finance industry professionals who are already well-versed in the essentials of financial modeling.

The Breaking into Wall Street Training provides a thorough survey of advanced financial modeling topics, including the following:

  • Comprehensive Valuation Analysis
  • Integrated Cash Flow Modeling
  • LBO (Leveraged Buyout) Modeling
  • Merger (Acquisition) Modeling
  • Distressed Security Analysis

The New York Institute of Finance provides advanced courses on the following topics:

  • Advanced Excel Charting & Graphing Techniques and PowerPoint Integration
  • Advanced Financial Modeling, Enhancements and Segment Build-up
  • Advanced Segment Build-up Modeling
  • Advanced Valuation Modeling – Fundamental and Relative Valuation
  • Complex LBO Modeling & Enhancements

The Wall St. Training company, another private training firm specializing in the finance industry, offers these advanced financial modeling courses:

  • Advanced Financial Modeling
  • Advanced Segment Build-up Sensitivity Modeling
  • Fundamental Valuation Modeling
  • Complex Trading Comps Analysis
  • Deal Comps Analysis

Classroom-based investment banking classes tend to be structured, taking place according to a set schedule and in a pre-determined location, and are generally led by an instructor who presents the material and handles questions and discussions in order to facilitate integration of the course material. Many students find structured teaching extremely helpful in learning and retaining the course material, and benefit as well from the presence of an instructor who can be consulted about points of uncertainty.

For other individuals, preset schedules and locations may present difficulties if conflicts emerge with existing professional duties, family concerns, or other responsibilities. For these students, an online financial modeling course is often a better fit. Online courses allow the student to participate from any location with internet access, and often provide other conveniences such as viewable recorded lectures, supplementary investment banking course materials, and online tests to aid the student in evaluating their retention of the material. The decision between a classroom-based financial modeling course or an online course can be made based upon the circumstances and preferred learning strategies of the student, allowing them to choose the optimal learning format for the skills or knowledge they wish to acquire.


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I’ve seen school offers for online courses in the fields of finance, Stocks market, accounting, statistics and economics at affordable prices. Thanks for clarifying.
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